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"Henry The H" has developed many techniques & services: Software QA, Consultation, Training, Software Development, ActiveX Control Authoring, Database Design/Implementation, Website Startup, Webpage Authoring, eMail, PC Consultation/Repair/Upgrade/Installation, and Networking.

I have provided my services at customer sites all over the US: Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas.
Even out of the US: Germany, Sweden, Taiwan, and Japan.

Designed, developed, and tested GUI/Client/Server applications for the Semiconductor, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Fermentation, and Automation industries.

Authored many different types of docs and specs: Testing, Quality Assurance, Systems, Integration, Requirements, Design, Validation, and Training.

Administrative experience in all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

Highly knowledgeable in Microsoft products: Office (especially Excel), Visual SourceSafe, and Visual Basic (VB6 and VB.Net).

Expert level in database tools: Toad, PL/SQL, stored procedures, Oracle 8i-10g, and Oracle Objects for OLE InProc Server.

A plethora of experience and expertise in MES products: WorkStream(formerly known as COMETS), FlowStream, and FactoryWorks.