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HenryTheH - PC Services

  • Disinfect computers with malware or viruses
  • Speed up performance, esp. broadband connections
  • Build New, Fix, Repair, or Upgrade your computer; esp. for Gaming
  • My rates are competitive:
    • Others charge from $85 to $150
    • however, my hourly rate is only... $70
    • Get 10% off for each & every referral
  • I provide on-site service or I can pick it up and return it to your home or place of business later
  • I have top-to-bottom knowledge & experience, why have someone look at your computer who only knows part of it?(e.g., Hardware, BIOS, Operating System, Applications)
  • I have many years in the gaming community - Descent 3
    (So I know how to build/configure desktops to perform)
  • I have many years of experience with Microsoft products such as...
    • Office (Access, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, & Word)
    • SourceSafe
    • MS Query
    • Visual Basic (4-6)
    • Windows Operating Systems - 9x, ME, NT, 2K Server, XP, 7
  • Do you need other services? Ask about any of the following:
    • One-On-One Training
    • Website Development
    • Software Development
    • Software Testing
    • Domain/eMail/Website Hosting